The Real Singapore
Noodles Campaign

Art Direction, Typography

Glasgow School of Art Singapore

Singapore Noodles are commonly sold in many Asian eateries in the world and can also be found pre-packed at supermarkets in many parts of the world such as the UK, Australia and USA. However, contrary to popular belief, the “Singapore Noodles” dish is not sold anywhere in Singapore. The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness of the misrepresentation of the Singapore Noodles and to educate people to learn about the diverse noodles dishes that can be found in Singapore from the various races.

Our various authentic noodles can be found at our hawker centres, an open-air complex that houses many stalls selling a variety of food. Each stall has a signage to indicate the food that they are selling. It is common to see stalls from different races using distinct bright colours unique to their culture. Hence, the aesthetics and typography of the posters are inspired by the bright hawker signage from the Chinese, Malay and Indian stalls, as well as the colour of the plates they use.

This was a response to D&AD 2017 Monotype brief.